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Freya’s Art

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Freya’s work is a deep interpretation of life.  A deep interpretation of her extensive travels to over 50 different countries and the impression it left on her still very young mind.  Each country represents to her a different planet with it’s own little universes and worlds around her, she set out to discover that we are so different yet we are all really just one part of a big matrix sheet, you can see this from her planet series, representing the cosmos and infinity and creation.  A power from God.

The beginning and not the end but where it never ends.

There is a definite intention in the continuation of longevity, perhaps a certain kind of immortality.  Her strong and intense images of contemporary figurative art, uses a lot of similarly strong colours with a wonderful contrast between light and dark. (chiaroscuro).  The main source of light always coming from one direction and then dispersed as if to continously and forever create birth and life, to new worlds, and new planets and new universes…as an individual does not exist just for or by himself, he places and justifies himself through relations, belonging to a culture a nation a continent, a world, a planet, a universe…

The works of Freya, reminds of Margritte, in which her influences are of surrealist background.  No doubt we can see an allusion to surrealist delirium an atmosphere of parallel worlds that can at any moment affect our conscience and plunge us into the strong realms of the unknown, and forces us to explore further.  She wants us to create our own opinions and to give us the desire to do so.  She achieves to take us away with her into these planets that she has visited.

Freya Wissing is exhibiting works which demonstrates a firmness of what she wants to say and she has the technical abilities to do so.

There is no doubt that her knowledge of great painters and the numerous museums she has visited gave her this little extra touch that only a wide cultured and personal experience can bring.

Written by International artist and renowned critic Osmar Fonseca.  (Now residing in Paris).

2002 – First solo exhibition at the Joao Ferreira gallery Cape Town. “I’s (people eye know) 

2003 – Brett Kebble art competition finalist

2004 – Group exhibition at Art On Paper Gallery in Los Angeles. “Microscopic Love”

2006 – Second solo exhibition “Trees by Freya” at VEO contemporary gallery, Cape Town.

2007 – Group exhibition: Freya and Friends “In no sense” at the Statement.

2007 – SASOL Wax competition finalist

2007 – Art and Desesign private exhibition, Cape Town

2008 – Commissioned and flown to paint portrait of Nelson Mandela,
………..for Auction in Paris at Le Bal de Paris for Nelson Mandela children’s fund charity event.

2009 – Venice Biennale

2009 – Art assistant for the famous Parisian artist Chayan Khoi in Paris.
………..Worked on painting and gluing of his books for his exhibitions in: St Tropez, Dubai, Sardegna,Paris, London.

2011 – Offered an art teaching post in Camps Bay High School, Cape Town.

2012 – Internship at David Krut Gallery, in Johannesburg

2012 - Created numerous paintings for the Creative Block Project

2012 – Part time teaching practical art at Mfluleni High School

2013 – Exhibition at Sale del Bramante, Piazza del Popolo Gallery Monogramma, via Margutta, Rome

2013 – Paintings on Gallery

2013 – Winner on the OpenArt competition