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Smart Phone Super Zoom Trick

Posted by on March 7, 2013
Leopard spotting in Kruger National Park

Leopard through binoculars


  • Phone with camera
  • Binoculars


Whilst traveling in Kruger Park I saw a leopard up a tree with its kill. Only equipped with my iphone, I knew I wouldn’t get that close-up shot, or a remotely worth while one.


As you can possibly guess,  the phone camera can look though the binoculars.  Just carefully place the lens close to one of the eye pieces, preferably touching it flat for stability, and click away.

It also works for videos.


As you can see in the two examples of the Leopard and La Costa Concordia ship while on recent travels.  You can zoom in even further on your phone or by cropping the photo, with little loss of quality.

Costa Concordia in Giglio,  the Mediterranean.

Costa Concordia in Giglio, the Mediterranean