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Travel Addiction

Posted by on February 21, 2013

St.Tropez was absolutely delicious. If I thought I had expensive taste before, and a liking for the finer things in life, as in food especially, and architecture, and beauty, then, now I am definitely convinced. I think artists like aesthetic things.

And aesthetic St-Tropez definitely is. From every angle to everybody, is beautiful, with the best clothes in the shops to the people wearing them, the best, greatest fashion show of all for two weeks of the year. You have to know when to go. The strawberies, although expensive, tastes better than anywhere I have ever had (and I have been to over 55 different countries) perfectly picked to maturity, red, luscious, round, strawbs full of juice, succulent, like u have never experienced. sweet, and ripened to perfection.
luckily I have been hanging around the likes of movie stars, super models and some good friends in the right places, so that I could experience such delights beyond my current limits of certain reach right now. I have been truly blessed to be able to live 4 days of a slice of heaven and fun. To see what the best of the best the world has to offer, from the simplest things to the most extravagant and beyond. Everything is just better there, with such details as attention to detail, that, is probably what makes all the difference.

I am not saying that the simplest things in life aren’t also fantastic. I am just saying that there is a lesson to be learnt that even the simplest things, like the fish that is made by the fisherman and just drizzled with olive oil in some abandoned beach, is fantastic because and if it is just done with attention, this is conscious living and everything we put our attention to, we attract.

And although I have been there before and many places like it, it had been a while, and because I have constantly had that kind of style, service, food, et cetera, in my life, I had taken it for granted but now realize how much I have missed it and that it had been too long.

Now I understand the addiction and why people return year after year. It just keeps getting better, until it doesn’t and then we will find new places of quality. Talking about quality, not much left in this fast world of take aways and quick fixes and high demands for faster services of our throw away society, things are moving so fast, new cars last only a few years nowadays compared to the ever strong, still going vintage cars built in the yesteryears. Even the first cell phones built like a brick last longer than the newer ones, and if your computer or apparatus does last long enough, but if a little part breaks, the pieces are no longer available or in production.

Anyway, I hope that one day everybody will be able to experience of what I talk about from time to time or at least once. And I hope that I get to be the tourist guide who gets to show you all the places that I know so well, and love and hold so close to my heart, such as Brasil, and it’s flavours. The world through Freya’s eyes, is, I have been told, very different indeed.

And talking about addiction, my question is: Can we give up that lifestyle once we have been exposed to it? Can we be totally happy living a life of simplicity (not mediocrity), still experiencing certain choices, after one has been exposed to luxury and glamour and a certain kind of quality? Like the film ‘An Education‘, although a very good movie, maybe unrealistic in terms of her going back to her old life and being so happy. I believe that a balance is good for any level headed person. But most of us are unfortunately not. And an addiction is just that, very difficult to get rid of.