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Bucket List

Posted by on April 13, 2012

Winter is around the corner in the southern hemisphere where I am based mostly.  Although just after Easter, we are having the last of the few summer days…  and counting…

With this indian summer upon us, I started enjoying every minute of it as if it were our last days on earth,  makes one so appreciative not knowing how I will be seeing summer again so soon.

I was recently asked what if it really was one of the last few days as we know it,  what would I be doing?   “What would you be doing if you had two years till armageddon?”

I guess I havent pondered much on that, as its not the collective reality I would want to create.  I love life,  and I love life the way it is,  with the ups and downs, and the reality of each new day with its pure potential of how and what we may want to do wit hit,  wether we do it or not.  I have a very close friend whose brother in law just passed with cancer,  I see the things that he did and didn’t do,  we agreed how we might have done some of the things differently with the time he had left…  There is no right or wrong, and no judgement, but it is always good to understand yourself if ever faced in a similar situation or with a loved one.

But giving it thought now, off the top of my head,  I guess it is good to ask ourselves these kind of questions here in there and be caught off guard as to see how off our realities we are to what we should maybe realistically be getting closer to or have achieved?

so if I knew I had another two or so years to live…. I’d go to Brazil with my whole family, I’d sit in the sun and fry my Freya, I’d eat all the Brazilian treats, I would have sex, I would find a sponsor or work to feel weightlessness in those airplanes in Vegas, I’d fly business class to one more destination, (maybe my honeymoon one in the South Pacific).  I woud, have a baby, but if world was ending I wouldn’t.

I would… Waste time slowly… Enjoy myself… Dance, make someone happy… Maybe make a difference in a kid from orphaned places and keep him or her with me till that day of Armageddon.  But if I was going alone, then I’d take my mom or dad somewhere they wanted to go.  Hopefully my husband or boyfriend too.  And sis and brother and my brother in law who is like family now.

Like I said before, somewhere in these articles,  I am not afraid of dying, in fact, it might even be great!  Because only in the dying can we really live.  And live to our fullest potential within the parameters of what we have without worries about the future, and wrong actions because of consequences for a future that is not in our realities, that most cannot even know with certainty what and that it will be.


So what would you do if you had, say a year or two left?