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Posted by on November 15, 2012

As I rushed to get ready, woke early to give me a head start, to pick an ex up at airport as I decided to leave by bicycle… Mom and I were getting ready…in our apartment somewhere by the sea in the walk-in bathroom of the en suite.   She borrowed a salmon color dress of mine, and wanted to cut or alter the frills hanging from the sides. I got upset. Anyway, it was twilight and I started up the mountain, peddling fast, left nice and early… Was a place like Zanzibar or something… The moon was shining bright as I came down the windy hilly roads, the brush and trees were silver, it was beautiful, I finally arrived in the city, after passing a lot of colonial dead end roads that lead to stairs onto the perpendicular lower roads like they have in Rio and Portugal or Rome, forcing me to carry my heavy bike down,  I asked, already in morning daylight, :  “Which way to the airport please?”  They couldn’t speak English very well, and was one of those countries I feared they would send me the wrong way just for the fun of it.  So I decided to ask the policeman and bus transport system.  They laughed at me and said it would be impossible and too far.  In this moment, my exe’s family arrived in a combi van en entourage on the way to also greet him from his travels,  they uncomfortably  greeted me  and did not want to give me a ride with them.  (Do they believe that I hurt him?  Incredible how families sometimes don’t know their own sons/siblings).  I remember going into the bus and not being allowed in, I stood there, with wheels on me, watching the now parting vehicle.  So I had to wait for taxi or ricksha.  As I was waiting in the rather pleasant bus terminal, the rather large ticket man stepped down from the high perched  sale booth.  He carried with him something next to his side, not taking notice I brushed it off as some kind of coin counting ticket clipping device.. As we waited for the next shift of any sort or sign of transportation, he showed me around the this such pleasant station on his way outside for his smoke,  when he started tellingly,  I realised all the tubes and catheters and external organs he was carrying… And I thought ” why he still smokes?” it was rather foul.

Then I woke up.