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Willing to Trip Again?

Posted by on November 15, 2012

I was walking around a nice cemetery with my mom and saw some yellow cut roses everywhere, one of them still had roots, out of the ground, thrown amongst each burial site. I wanted to save it and plant it at home. I hate to see flowers decay, (unless fallen off naturally next to the living plant).  At this point a woman from an apartment leading onto the graveyard, tapped the window with a coin and freaked.  Further in the dream as I walked through the grave tombs, I pondered and asked my mom if we should all be buried like that and that I’d rather donate the money spent on coffins and space and plants and stones, etc…

Upon awakening I realised that it was a lovely dream and often in conscious time I discuss these things with my parents.  To confirm, I naturally went to tell my mom and healthily discussed, again, what was to happen and what was to be our will.

Talking about Wills, my mom worries, that once we are deceased the person staying behind or inheriting the “mess” has so much grief to deal with that she would like to clear up the house. (Literally) less is more. we should all get our papers and wills in order, so as not to burden the one having to deal with all at once.  It should be just as simple as: “I leave this house to my two or three children” or “to my cat” or whatever or whomever, or “I make so and so in charge and execute the will”, finished,’klaar”, without leaving any percentage to any lawyer, or bank or the state.  But it really isn’t this simple.  And can you believe it?  I, still today have not figured out how to go about in drawing up a will,  and there is no simple google search for it.  all charge a fee.  So please, anybody out there can advise me?  Any lawyers out there with a heart and conscious to explain how not to loose money on a transfer of will to a child or beneficiary?

I think this would be something that everyone should have the right to know and benefit many that are searching for it.

Seems unfair that a minor,  without any income, and only child with no cousins or uncles to help out should lose their house or fathers bank savings only because it is helpless if the parents did not draw up a proper will.

A death should not have to always become a costly law battle if all papers are in order.  But how to go about this?