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Posted by on March 25, 2012

So here I am on a plane again.  I travel so much and yet when I find myself in these air turbulence circumstances, I always seem to find peace in the knowledge, that there are people that are in the air much more often and for longer times than me.  (Think business men that travel once a week,  or air hosts etc).

Yes, I can tell of a few harrowing times, although I’ll never know if they were dangerous, like that one time in the Caribbean that now seems more like an adventure and not something risky, but I was very young, everything was new and exciting.

My mom always sends me a little prayer as I am about to board: “Deus esta digirindo esse aviao por intermedio do piloto”

I know that thought attracts, (it has been scientifically proven), so I always like to say that the people flying with me are always safe as my belief system is stronger.  Then as I look around the calm faces I should hope the few negative faces does not add to the collective consciousness, but positivity prevails.  (Tip: Always look at the air hostesses,  if they are calm, then it is normal, and if they are not,  just have faith, with all your MIGHT that you will land safely,  and you shall).

Right now as the plane gets sent from side to side, I am trying to put my mind on winning an award, or my wedding day, or having babies…  Happy thoughts…  Wether in my distant future or near.

Obviously the more I travel, the more I wonder if I should be travelling many more times.  (So much for my positive thinking)

I’m definitely not afraid of dying.  I just dont want to feel any pain before.  I guess that is what we most fear.

I find myself eating chocolates, now I know or understand the whole feel good food theory.  Hey, at least if i’m gonna go or go down, I can have something nice and sweet.

At this point I just wanna get this plane down as I write this on a vomit bag, and spend least time in the air possible, as it goes around in circles waiting to land because of bad weather.

Putting on brakes, I wonder if after such a bumpy ride, I will be traumatized for my connecting flight. I detest nauseating adrenalin in my body, I already have natural or too much adrenalin as it is, (hence I have no need for extreme sports, bungy or rollercosters, although I did jump off a moutain in Rio once and had an amazing time).

Anyway,  as we are in this macabre, dark topic of death, obviously I think the person who dies is in a much better place and luckier.  I always feel for those left behind with a vaccum as I can only imagine.  I often really wonder if I will cope without my parents,  I guess I will have plenty to live for.  LIFE ITSELF IS WORTH LIVING FOR.   The way I see it, I was put on this earth for a certain number of things, by the rate I’m going,  I will Never die. ;-)

I dont know why I am so worried about anything…  I remember, I have even flown myself on the way to Bazaruto on a friends jet while he (the pilot) went to the bathroom.  It was rather pleasant picking up other planes in the vicinity on the radar, and another time on a cezner on the way to pamplonas from Munchen.

So, next time you find yourselves on a less than kosher flight,  I urge you to think completely relaxed thoughts,  and visualise a happy scene, no matter what is happening in front of you.  Physical reality is just an illusion that we have created,  so create differently and choose your visions.  And that applies to everything in life that you are not happy with.