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It All Started With Salty Evian

Posted by on August 22, 2011

I don’t drink alcohol, smoke or drink coffee, mostly waters and some fresh fruit whizzed up with more frozen water… So I have a really clean palette and, because I’m a woman, an added heightened sense of smell and taste.  So I am a water connoisseur (also an olive oil afficionada).

I have to say that it all started with disgusting tasting Evian, then came Vittel…  And the rest is history.

I don’t know what’s the story with europe’s waters, but thanks to the powerhouse of fantastic advertising from the latter two, everybody seems to be copying that metallic, slightly salty, mineral tasting waters… For me it is so heavy.  It gives me a stomach cramp and sinus.  I’m not the only one.  I really struggle when I go to France as a result of the monopoly of these costly waters.  And because they have done so well with their brain washing of a lifestyle, de rigueur feel, if you are lucky to find anything else in the supermarket shelves or restaurants, it has exactly the same taste. Yuck.
Now, I’m not saying Evian shouldn’t exist.  There are those whom genuinely like the water…and maybe this source really has some more sulphur or strange minerals in it’s soil that make it taste that way.  It has it’s Market.  But I’ve just been in Greece and visited the 7 springs in Rhodes amongst others around the world, I have to say, that coming directly from a natural source, the waters don’t taste like that.  They are almost sweeter.

As for whether Evian and the likes, in recent years since the surge of this heavy salty fashion, have been tested, I am not sure. Following the scandal of  Perrier in the 90’s. Possibly, such a million dollar corporation will have all it’s tracks covered or corruptly paid the European version of the FDA, we will never find out.  In the meantime, as much as I live and love water, and grew up with a spring in my ranch, in the mountains of Brazil, a place that is not as congested as Europe and unaffected by acid rains and pollution of that extreme… I will stick to my fresher, sweeter tasting waters and what my body is trying to say.
But the best light tasting ones, for me, is glacial Voss (after all, how badly can water that has been frozen for decades, when there was no pollution, be wrong?) Fiji, Laurentana in Italy, water from my taps in Itaipava, most south African waters, yummy one is Karoo, and La Vie.  Btw,Fiji water came about from blind tasting.

I am not sure of all the waters I like if they have been thoroughly tested or not, but I can say my body rejoices and feels great when I drink these hydra thirst quenching H2O’s.

But most importantly we all know that we should be drinking out of glass bottles
And while Voss has a glass bottle, it’s plastic cap still leaves me wondering.  I guess, for someone who drinks around 3 litres a day, when I find the right bottle or tap, I am still to know what the past of my plastic bottle imbibing will bring.