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Reality Bites in New York City, Milan and Palm Beach

It was quite a few years ago,  I was fresh in the modelling business.  (Although already ‘ancient’ to having started modeling so late). But I am a late bloomer, so won’t be surprised if I get discovered in my mid to late thirties or who knows in my nighties.  Besides, the whole world is now … Continue reading »

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London vs Cape Town

So I’m mid-air to London today.  Only for three days, thank goodness I’m flying first class.  Although not much different to business,  making it quite difficult to justify the large increase in expense (rather donate it to charity). Well, well, well, what can I say about London?   I’m not about to take on the thousands of … Continue reading »

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You can see tiny parts of Walls. Herodian walls, And Roman walls. But most of the wall of the Jerusalem citadel is around 1500′s. Nothing you see is exactly what or where Jesus saw or walked. Very, very little. Seeing the mount where people were crucified is now covered with a church called Anastasis in … Continue reading »

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She Is Missing On An Island And now With An Ocean In Her Ear, With A Bee Trying To Get Out.

I am missing myself…  I hope to find me soon. My friends think I’m on an island somewhere.  Those who know me, know those are my happy places…  Tropical islands. However I find myself in a different kind of isle.  Yeah, an island in my head…  Alienated from all of reality. I have been missing … Continue reading »

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I love travelling.  I am not sure what it is that gets my face to light up with excitement when speaking about going somewhere new.  It is my obsession.  I’m addicted, I got the bug.  Clearly I am not alone, hence all sorts of glossy types of magazines suddenly available, (one of my faves, Condé … Continue reading »

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A Bit of History

I have mingled with hobos and vagabonds, I have met the queen, I have danced on medieval castle tops, I have dined with film stars. I have attended some of the best parties the world has to offer: Movies premiers in L.A., film festivals in Cannes, Venice, Amfar parties, Rolling stones after parties, backstage to … Continue reading »

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Beginning Of The Middle

You must all be wondering what that means.   Way I see it is that this is the beginning of something new for me, a blog.  However I have been traveling for most of my life, and although I am not anywhere near the middle of my life,  I am definitely in the middle of my … Continue reading »

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