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Bucket List

Winter is around the corner in the southern hemisphere where I am based mostly.  Although just after Easter, we are having the last of the few summer days…  and counting… With this indian summer upon us, I started enjoying every minute of it as if it were our last days on earth,  makes one so … Continue reading »

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The Naked Truth of St-Tropez

Join me as I wonder the streets of St-Tropez, made famous by Brigitte Bardot.  We stop for brunch at Cafe de Paris, later a long lunch at Les Palmieres and Le Voile Rouge.  Sunset drinks at Nikki Beach on the way home to La Maison Blanche for a lovely shower.  Then we get ready for … Continue reading »

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So here I am on a plane again.  I travel so much and yet when I find myself in these air turbulence circumstances, I always seem to find peace in the knowledge, that there are people that are in the air much more often and for longer times than me.  (Think business men that travel … Continue reading »

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Zanzibar shoot

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“We are all artists, forever painting our realities” -Freya Wissing Click here to see my paintings

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It All Started With Salty Evian

I don’t drink alcohol, smoke or drink coffee, mostly waters and some fresh fruit whizzed up with more frozen water… So I have a really clean palette and, because I’m a woman, an added heightened sense of smell and taste.  So I am a water connoisseur (also an olive oil afficionada). I have to say … Continue reading »

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The Art Of Presents

  When travelling nowadays it is so difficult to find the perfect gift or souvenir, unfortunately the colonisation of big brands make nothing very unique or special anymore.  People are no longer real artisans or thinking outside the box.  I see this from my dad’s quality of work as a one man’s jewellery custom made … Continue reading »

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Little Bubbles

Bubble gum with caviar at terminal 5, London.

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Travelling Consciously

Enjoy where you are at, on the way to where you are going!

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