If you ever find yourself in Jhb. First impression, it is really quite a hole of a place. But, if you happen to live there, or find yourself on business, and you dig a little, you will be pleasantly surprised. Like the Jhb art fair this year. Although only on its 8th year, and still has a long way to go, to me produced some better art than art Basel Miami and art Frieze in London combined.
As anyone will probably know, Joburg is an industrial city so tourism is not a priority and for that reason I can’t suggest many natural places to visit apart from the cradle of civilization, Cosmos on Hartebeestportdam, The Lost City (kitsch but naturally beautiful surroundings) and a huge wave pool, and Magaliesburg which is quite pretty for hiking, etc. Try Retief’s kloof. Quite a climb but worth it once up there.
However there are a whole lot of other… unnatural? things to do, that are pretty happening.
Neighbourgoods market on Sundays and the whole Braamfontein area I generally enjoy, day or night. There’s the roof top beach club (with real sand) that someone I know, Adam Levy, started, and the block project gallery on the corner, with a whole lot of cute shops and other galleries behind it. There’s also Arts on Main on Sundays and the first Thursday nights of the month where, David Krut has his second printing gallery, and is one of my local haunts…
Talking about David Krut, where I did an internship for three months… They have just moved across the road on Jan smuts, where they co habit with a Mexican craft imports shop. Just up from the Goodman Gallery. That’s a delicious, brand new find, and when you walk through those doors, you will feel like you have left your world behind. If you are lucky to catch him between his galleries in Jhb, NY and Cape Town you will meet the phenomenal, ever knowledgeable, David himself. That is a real treat, if you are into all things current in Art! He is also a great printer and works mostly on paper.
Catch me on odd occasions with fellow artist, the talented, almost established, Senzo Shabangu who’s often in the studio downstairs preparing for his next exhibitions.
I love paper, and in this impersonal digital world of ours, it’s great to get back to rawness of touch. I’m working towards an exhibition at David Krut at some point, so been working closely with paper, Hence I love walking into this new stationery store in Greenside called Macaroon and finding inspiration:

Some of my friends with kids or dogs really enjoy Emmerentia, delta park and zoo lake. Another lil find I stumbled upon in the middle of Bryanston, whilst walking my sister’s Doberman Diablo, is Jukskei park/ Robyn’s park. Really couldn’t believe I was in the middle of Jhb, with a river and well cut grass and a little waterfall with beautiful natural rocks. With some lovers picnicking along the water, I really felt safe. Unheard of for such territories…
As far as restaurants go, my favourites are pretty much mainstream, like Tasha’s for the best quality, freshly prepared food. Specifically, the one in Rosebank which is owned by a delicious, handsome, young character, Peri, who is always on the ball. He will make sure your lunch is filled with impeccable quality in all you order. My best are the mini salmon burgers, which was their signature dish, but seems to have disappeared from the menu, but anything salmon there is great, they have all types of salmon dishes. And of course a visit to Jhb is not complete without getting some of that coconut syrup cake, especially since other cakes in South Africa are generally dry and full of fake butter.
Talking about my sweet tooth, there’s a restaurant in Illovo, called Oliva’s, there they have the most amazing Flan! (Unfortunately now closed down, and I don’t know where they went) Rich, sweet, served in a metal cup, but properly made as the originals in Brazil and Spain. I have never eaten there but always go for dessert and ambience. And back to cakes, recently I asked around for the best cakes in Jhb for my birthday, so from Patisserie, came my big surprise, in a box et al, just as it should be, like in Paris, the most delicious, moist, chocolate cake, I have had in SA. (That’s until I knew the Brazilians existed, which I mention further down this article)
Although not a new place, and quite pricy, I love Khoi for the best starter, Salmon New Style Sashimi. Even better than Nobu’s! And quite a scene with vibey energy too. There are two in Jo’burg, go on Thursdays for the vibe.
There’s also Mami’s Mediterranean. Just an iron roller door. She makes such delicious Moroccan dishes. Usually two different meals every day and a plate is about R60. She has 6 tables and opens between 11 and 2. Try also Rabbit in the Moon in Illovo.
Another great thing to do in Joburg is Critical Mass. Once a month, during full moon, by word of mouth, thousands take to the street for a night cycle ride through the Johannesburg CBD. Groups start from two places and join downtown, going through some crazy places, but accompanied by a boom box that fills the air with energy as we ride along the Nelson Mandela bridge and stop for a drink half way. Happy pedaling and just follow the music. If pedalling is not your thing, you can try walking. I haven’t taken the tour myself, but it is on my to do list.

If you still have any energy left, or need to burn all that yummy food, go to Kitchener, a late night place in Braamfontein. A cool eclectic mix of people in a old building, left as it was in its glory days, very old school (a bit like Kimberly hotel in CT but with cool music and dancing) Interiors with the dance floor beyond the bar as if it was a party in a private house or old hotel.
If you are visiting in the day, you must pop in next door, the night I went the music was too techno, but the old two cents, copper coin paved floors and walls are worth a look-see.
For something more glamorous try VIP in Sandton, the owner, Chris Catroulis and his wife Vanessa Carrera are awesome! Congrats they just had triplets. Good on Thursday nights!

Unfortunately Johannesburg, and much of South Africa, is not commerce friendly in terms of shop opening hours.
If you have a corporate job, I haven’t the foggiest how one gets their shopping or groceries bought. Everything closes at 5 pm or six.
There are however two woolworths mini food stalls that stay open 24 hours. One is in Glenhove, Oxford road next to McDonald’s.

For best sushi, I have been recommended Real Sushi, quick, easy, cheap in Norwood and Japa off Rivonia, for apparently best sushi in SA. As soon as my pregnancy is over I will be trying them.

For private catering, of absolutely the most delicious cakes (on Earth) and snacks, moist and rich contact Conceição Silva (0603339638 or +27846782861)
And for a classy affair, you can’t beat duo bother and sister chefs for anything you can dream of, with a Brazilian fine cuisine (optional) touch/flair. Contact Mirlene Souza or Josafa Moises (0787341429 or +27835327825)

Lonehill Koppie, is a lovely hike in a park for great views of Johannesburg, closed in the winter due to the conservation of dassies.

Nirox park is an artist residency, with foreign and local established artists. A must visit to the Nirox sculpture park for art lovers, or anyone wanting a little culture in their lives together with a beautiful Sunday outing at a beautiful leafy park strolling and deciphering sculptures. Watch out for events.
If you can’t make it out of Johannesburg, then try closer to home, every Sunday during the day and every first Thursdays nights of the month, for a night market, where You will also find lovely mainstream galleries such as Nirox with the absolutely fantastic curator Neil Nieuwoudt and a great artist himself, and David Krut arts project, with an extensive book shop, if you are lucky, you will find the ever so knowledgeable David himself there. He’s a walking encyclopedia of South African art throughout history and a captivating man.

Also visit Circa for more, contemporary art on Jan Smuts.

For weekend getaways try Clarens, Retief’s kloof, cosmos in Hartebeestportdam, Magaliesberg, etc.

VIP, Sand bar, MiHouse Let’s Swing?
Taboo, Sway, Kong? Movida? Churchill? Katzys?
All night spots to try.

The social life is divided into three main areas: Sandton/Fourways/Melrose, Parkhurst and Braamfontein.
The first area is more upper class, the second is more “easy”, the third is “melting pot” trendy.
Hyde Park lounge terrace and Sundeck at Sandton sun hotel for aperitivo or drinks are good places to start off the evening, or to meet up friend before or after dinner.

For dinners try:
•Thomas Maxwell Bistrot (French cuisine) ,
•Bice restaurant (real Italian) ,
•Koi Sandton (hq sushi),
•Bottega (Italian fantasy),
•Pronto (nicest pizza in town)

For “pure” clubbing:

•Movida (girls place) , The Sands (outside for a half, not bad music),
•Taboo (only on good events sometimes, and only open sat nights)
•Icons (small and annoying but girls like it usually)
Hybrid clubs:
•Buddahtha in Fourways (restaurant, bar and prive upstairs with dance music – 30-35 avera),
•The Barons (typical after work on Friday, decent restaurant and music area),
•Nicci beach (water park, club, restaurant on Sunday, average age 25)
• beefcakes (gay) was great fun! They play great music, and the place was light and airy instead of dark and dingy, and fairly spacious, situated in a nice satellite centre.

•Neighbourgood market (very European meltingpot, on Saturday for lunch),
•Arts on Main (urban scenario re qualified, with art gallery, restaurant and dance, open on Sunday for lunch and once a month first thursdays during the night with an ethnic market),
•Jimmy’s Inn (usually after neighbourgood market but also good for some password parties on Saturday night).
That’s almost all what I would suggest. There’s a little bit for everyone, so take your pick.

If you have any specific question, please feel free to ask.

Have a look also at, or Google the following:

– Zoo lake very pretty, but a bit too popular for pic nics, try rather Emarentia rose gardens.

– The Wonder Cave in Kromdraai
– Fordsburg Night Market
– The Rhino and Lion Nature Reserve (approximately 45mins by car from Johannesburg)
– The Lion Park (located at Cnr Malibongwe & R114 Lanseria, Johannesburg)
– Johannesburg Botanic Gardens
– The Montecasino Bird Gardens (located at Cnr William Nicol Drive & Montecasino Boulevard)
– Liliesleaf Farm (located at 7 George Avenue, Rivonia, Johannesburg)
– Apharteid Museum
– Johannesburg Museum
– The Magaliesberg Canopy Tours (located 1.5 hours from Johannesburg)
– The Bush Babies Monkey Sanctuary (located at Coordinates -25.71926, 27.80391 on Highway R104 – 1.5 hours from Johannesburg)
– Market on Main
– Hartbeespoort (45mins by car from Johannesburg) (cosmos)
– Neighbourgoods Market Johannesburg (73 Juta St, Johannesburg) good on Saturdays, art galleries and trendy bar/restaurants in area.
– Picnic no Zoo Lake
– Johannesburg Zoo
– The Cradle of Humankind World Heritage Site
– 44 Stanley- creative space, providing an eclectic mix of studios and cafés, antique furniture and rare book shops, while retaining an urban and industrial 1930s street café vibe.
-Peach café

– For SAFARI – (Kruger Park), Bela-Bela, 2 hours by car from Johanesburg. Try ITAGA LODGE, everything but lions. Cheap and apparently good food.
Singita for a more upmarket experience (very expensive/luxurious but worth it)–

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Can’t Believe It

It is already 6 months into the year, and I have not left South Africa. Wow! I cannnot remember when last that happened in a looooong time. I am quite enjoying it though, and Cape Town has been kind thus far. This is good. I am putting my head down and concentrating on my art for now. The gypsy me staying put in one place for once and it feels salutary. My plan is working and I haven’t died yet or got cabin fever. My mind is wondering if I will still survive the deep of the winter, come August and September. maybe I will give myself a lil birthday present again this year and end up somewhere. But for now it is beneficial. It will take something rather special or honorable to get me on the move again.

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Mahatma Ghandi

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It’s all about choices.
Choices with what one is given. Sometimes the options are just not there. And sometimes when it rains it pours.
And hence my prob, because I never make a decision, a choice, in case there may be another option.
We will always have options. And an option to not take a decision, is a decision in itself. Although not a very creative one. Probably best to make a decision even if we make a mistake, as long as our intentions were done with the best results in mind, and choose new if it doesn’t work. And continue to make new decisions

Action is good. So choose action. Don’t stay stale.

But what if that action is going to affect the rest of your life?

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The Power of One’s

Does anyone know why when it rains it pours?

Because you set something in motion and then it all happens
Like when the weather is bad, Everything is gradual, summer or winter does not come overnight. But ever noticed how u can wish rain away suddenly?
And the sooner u start thinking
negative or positive thoughts, so it happens….
In abundance. Either way…
So realise abundance is all around you.

Since just before 9/11 on the 11th hour of the 11th day…
I started noticing that I was always seeing 1’s. Everytime I looked somewhere or glanced at the clock, there were all these parallel numbers. On signage or tshirts or car number plates, And often times I also see double numbers. But never as clear and obvious as my ones!
I started investigating into it, and although I’m a skeptic for most things, it doesn’t hurt to use it in the way the recommendations say. That at that moment what it signifies is that u are creating and concretising something in your life. I am well aware that we are at every moment creating our realities, and it doesn’t matter if it is 11 o’clock or one minute past or 11:11.
However I use those moments (as they are so apparent to me) to remind me that I should be right there and then making a conscious decision to guard my thought and perhaps consciously create and co create be it alone or with u a beautiful picture in my mind of how I wish my next moments to be.

You should try it.

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Smart Phone Super Zoom Trick

Leopard spotting in Kruger National Park

Leopard through binoculars


  • Phone with camera
  • Binoculars


Whilst traveling in Kruger Park I saw a leopard up a tree with its kill. Only equipped with my iphone, I knew I wouldn’t get that close-up shot, or a remotely worth while one.


As you can possibly guess,  the phone camera can look though the binoculars.  Just carefully place the lens close to one of the eye pieces, preferably touching it flat for stability, and click away.

It also works for videos.


As you can see in the two examples of the Leopard and La Costa Concordia ship while on recent travels.  You can zoom in even further on your phone or by cropping the photo, with little loss of quality.

Costa Concordia in Giglio,  the Mediterranean.

Costa Concordia in Giglio, the Mediterranean

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Travel Addiction

St.Tropez was absolutely delicious. If I thought I had expensive taste before, and a liking for the finer things in life, as in food especially, and architecture, and beauty, then, now I am definitely convinced. I think artists like aesthetic things.

And aesthetic St-Tropez definitely is. From every angle to everybody, is beautiful, with the best clothes in the shops to the people wearing them, the best, greatest fashion show of all for two weeks of the year. You have to know when to go. The strawberies, although expensive, tastes better than anywhere I have ever had (and I have been to over 55 different countries) perfectly picked to maturity, red, luscious, round, strawbs full of juice, succulent, like u have never experienced. sweet, and ripened to perfection.
luckily I have been hanging around the likes of movie stars, super models and some good friends in the right places, so that I could experience such delights beyond my current limits of certain reach right now. I have been truly blessed to be able to live 4 days of a slice of heaven and fun. To see what the best of the best the world has to offer, from the simplest things to the most extravagant and beyond. Everything is just better there, with such details as attention to detail, that, is probably what makes all the difference.

I am not saying that the simplest things in life aren’t also fantastic. I am just saying that there is a lesson to be learnt that even the simplest things, like the fish that is made by the fisherman and just drizzled with olive oil in some abandoned beach, is fantastic because and if it is just done with attention, this is conscious living and everything we put our attention to, we attract.

And although I have been there before and many places like it, it had been a while, and because I have constantly had that kind of style, service, food, et cetera, in my life, I had taken it for granted but now realize how much I have missed it and that it had been too long.

Now I understand the addiction and why people return year after year. It just keeps getting better, until it doesn’t and then we will find new places of quality. Talking about quality, not much left in this fast world of take aways and quick fixes and high demands for faster services of our throw away society, things are moving so fast, new cars last only a few years nowadays compared to the ever strong, still going vintage cars built in the yesteryears. Even the first cell phones built like a brick last longer than the newer ones, and if your computer or apparatus does last long enough, but if a little part breaks, the pieces are no longer available or in production.

Anyway, I hope that one day everybody will be able to experience of what I talk about from time to time or at least once. And I hope that I get to be the tourist guide who gets to show you all the places that I know so well, and love and hold so close to my heart, such as Brasil, and it’s flavours. The world through Freya’s eyes, is, I have been told, very different indeed.

And talking about addiction, my question is: Can we give up that lifestyle once we have been exposed to it? Can we be totally happy living a life of simplicity (not mediocrity), still experiencing certain choices, after one has been exposed to luxury and glamour and a certain kind of quality? Like the film ‘An Education‘, although a very good movie, maybe unrealistic in terms of her going back to her old life and being so happy. I believe that a balance is good for any level headed person. But most of us are unfortunately not. And an addiction is just that, very difficult to get rid of.

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Willing to Trip Again?

I was walking around a nice cemetery with my mom and saw some yellow cut roses everywhere, one of them still had roots, out of the ground, thrown amongst each burial site. I wanted to save it and plant it at home. I hate to see flowers decay, (unless fallen off naturally next to the living plant).  At this point a woman from an apartment leading onto the graveyard, tapped the window with a coin and freaked.  Further in the dream as I walked through the grave tombs, I pondered and asked my mom if we should all be buried like that and that I’d rather donate the money spent on coffins and space and plants and stones, etc…

Upon awakening I realised that it was a lovely dream and often in conscious time I discuss these things with my parents.  To confirm, I naturally went to tell my mom and healthily discussed, again, what was to happen and what was to be our will.

Talking about Wills, my mom worries, that once we are deceased the person staying behind or inheriting the “mess” has so much grief to deal with that she would like to clear up the house. (Literally) less is more. we should all get our papers and wills in order, so as not to burden the one having to deal with all at once.  It should be just as simple as: “I leave this house to my two or three children” or “to my cat” or whatever or whomever, or “I make so and so in charge and execute the will”, finished,’klaar”, without leaving any percentage to any lawyer, or bank or the state.  But it really isn’t this simple.  And can you believe it?  I, still today have not figured out how to go about in drawing up a will,  and there is no simple google search for it.  all charge a fee.  So please, anybody out there can advise me?  Any lawyers out there with a heart and conscious to explain how not to loose money on a transfer of will to a child or beneficiary?

I think this would be something that everyone should have the right to know and benefit many that are searching for it.

Seems unfair that a minor,  without any income, and only child with no cousins or uncles to help out should lose their house or fathers bank savings only because it is helpless if the parents did not draw up a proper will.

A death should not have to always become a costly law battle if all papers are in order.  But how to go about this?

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As I rushed to get ready, woke early to give me a head start, to pick an ex up at airport as I decided to leave by bicycle… Mom and I were getting ready…in our apartment somewhere by the sea in the walk-in bathroom of the en suite.   She borrowed a salmon color dress of mine, and wanted to cut or alter the frills hanging from the sides. I got upset. Anyway, it was twilight and I started up the mountain, peddling fast, left nice and early… Was a place like Zanzibar or something… The moon was shining bright as I came down the windy hilly roads, the brush and trees were silver, it was beautiful, I finally arrived in the city, after passing a lot of colonial dead end roads that lead to stairs onto the perpendicular lower roads like they have in Rio and Portugal or Rome, forcing me to carry my heavy bike down,  I asked, already in morning daylight, :  “Which way to the airport please?”  They couldn’t speak English very well, and was one of those countries I feared they would send me the wrong way just for the fun of it.  So I decided to ask the policeman and bus transport system.  They laughed at me and said it would be impossible and too far.  In this moment, my exe’s family arrived in a combi van en entourage on the way to also greet him from his travels,  they uncomfortably  greeted me  and did not want to give me a ride with them.  (Do they believe that I hurt him?  Incredible how families sometimes don’t know their own sons/siblings).  I remember going into the bus and not being allowed in, I stood there, with wheels on me, watching the now parting vehicle.  So I had to wait for taxi or ricksha.  As I was waiting in the rather pleasant bus terminal, the rather large ticket man stepped down from the high perched  sale booth.  He carried with him something next to his side, not taking notice I brushed it off as some kind of coin counting ticket clipping device.. As we waited for the next shift of any sort or sign of transportation, he showed me around the this such pleasant station on his way outside for his smoke,  when he started tellingly,  I realised all the tubes and catheters and external organs he was carrying… And I thought ” why he still smokes?” it was rather foul.

Then I woke up.



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